Gnuplot Class Reference

Utility class interfacing with Gnuplot. More...

#include <OpenMesh/Tools/Utils/Gnuplot.hh>

Public Member Functions

void cmd (const char *_cmd,...)
 Send a command to gnuplot (low-level function use by all plot functions.)
bool is_valid (void) const
 Is Self valid?
bool is_active (void) const
 Is Self active, i.e. does it have an active plot?
 Gnuplot ()
 Default constructor.
 Gnuplot (const string &_style)
 Set a style during construction.
 Gnuplot (const string &_title, const string &_style, const string &_xlabel, const string &_ylabel, vector< double > _x, vector< double > _y)
 Constructor calling plot_xy().
 Gnuplot (const string &_title, const string &_style, const string &_xlabel, const string &_ylabel, vector< double > _x)
 Constructor calling plot_x().
Gnuplot settings
void set_style (const string &_style)
 set line style
void set_ylabel (const string &_ylabel)
 set x axis label
void set_xlabel (const string &_xlabel)
 set x axis label
plot functions
void plot_x (vector< double > _x, const string &_title)
 Plot a single vector.
void plot_xy (vector< double > _x, vector< double > _y, const string &_title)
 Plot x,y pairs.
void plot_slope (double _a, double _b, const string &_title)
 Plot an equation of the form: y = ax + b You supply a and b.
void plot_equation (const string &_equation, const string &_title)
 Plot an equation supplied as a string.
void reset_plot (void)
 If multiple plots are present it will clear the plot area.

Detailed Description

Utility class interfacing with Gnuplot.

The plot will be visible as long as the object is not destructed.
Rajarshi Guha (C++ API based on the C API by Nicolas Devillard)
See also more information.

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