OpenMesh::VDPM::ViewingParameters Class Reference

#include <OpenMesh/Tools/VDPM/ViewingParameters.hh>

Public Member Functions

void increase_tolerance ()
void decrease_tolerance ()
float fovy () const
float aspect () const
float tolerance_square () const
void set_fovy (float _fovy)
void set_aspect (float _aspect)
void set_tolerance_square (float _tolerance_square)
const Vec3feye_pos () const
const Vec3fright_dir () const
const Vec3fup_dir () const
const Vec3fview_dir () const
Vec3feye_pos ()
Vec3fright_dir ()
Vec3fup_dir ()
Vec3fview_dir ()
void frustum_planes (Plane3d _plane[4])
void get_modelview_matrix (double _modelview_matrix[16])
void set_modelview_matrix (const double _modelview_matrix[16])
void update_viewing_configurations ()
void PrintOut ()

Detailed Description

ViewerParameters documentation

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