OpenMesh::Utils::TestingFramework Class Reference

Helper class for test programms. More...

#include <OpenMesh/Tools/Utils/TestingFramework.hh>

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Public Types

typedef TestingFramework Self
typedef std::logic_error verify_error
typedef TestFunc * TestFuncPtr
typedef std::vector< TestFuncPtr > TestSet

Public Member Functions

 TestingFramework (std::ostream &_os)
template<typename ValueType >
bool verify (const ValueType &_rc, const ValueType &_expected, const std::string &_info)
Selfbegin (std::string _title, const std::string &_info="")
Selfend ()
Selfinfo (const std::string &_info)
Selfinfo (const std::ostringstream &_ostr)
size_t errorTotal () const
size_t errorCount () const
size_t verifyTotal () const
size_t verifyCount () const
size_t goodTotal () const
size_t goodCount () const
size_t testTotal () const
size_t testCount () const
int run (void)

Protected Member Functions

int reg (TestFuncPtr _tfptr)


class TestFunc

Detailed Description

Helper class for test programms.

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