SubdivideWidget Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  SOPType {
  SOP_UniformCompositeLoop, SOP_UniformCompositeSqrt3, SOP_UniformLoop, SOP_UniformSqrt3,
  SOP_UniformInterpolatingSqrt3, SOP_ModifiedButterfly, SOP_CatmullClark, SOP_Undefined
typedef OpenMesh::Subdivider::Uniform::SubdividerT< MeshSubdivider
typedef std::map< SOPType, Subdivider * > SubdividerPool

Public Member Functions

 SubdivideWidget (QWidget *_parent=0, const char *_name=0)
 ~SubdivideWidget ()
bool open_mesh (const char *_filename)
 open mesh from _filename
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *k)
void update ()

Public Attributes

QStatusBar * status_bar
 Updates Status Bar Information.

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